Anything goes

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Anything goes does not cut it any more,

now I look back and think of it as a bore,

a waste of time, what’s more?

Still trying to score,

Open up closed doors,

and reveal what is hidden in plain view,

the excuse,

not right nor true,

Casually smoking cigarettes,

Slipping away like a silhouette,

Clinging to a hopeful ideal,

knowing deep down it just aint real,

till you’ve allowed yourself to feel,

the weight of your fear,

so that you can start again and it disappears,

no more denial,

accept the trial,

uncover a unique expression,

shared as a present,

no more anything goes,

time to take the blows,

offered in the way of this prize

the price is too high,

means too much to me I cannot lie,

to live this out, ask yourself why?

in this place we don’t just simply get by,

we reach high,

so say your final goodbyes,

to anything and anyone who isn’t by your side,

when you confide,

your plans to take this stride,

and refuse to slip down that slippery slide,

I think it’s about time

to not oblige,

I think it’s about time

to do what is right.

Faatima ❤




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