The contrast burns,


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The contrast burns like the sting of electricity,

pushed to our utmost capacity,

eroding away fragments of what what we knew,

melted away and diffused,

one at a time pillars upheld for so long fall and chaos ensues,

for a time,

except truth be told there is a rhythm and a rhyme,

to this madness, sadness,

a strong desire for endedness,

unwavering, relentless,

maybe one more day,

because these reasons they shape,

goals that pave my way,

almost like a game to play..

I just hope this time it pays,

I hope this time I can raise,

to an even better state,

now that I can see error of these ways,

the thinking that got us to this place,

we had to suffer to learn,

no where near perfect but there is so much left to earn.

…and that is why I woke up today,

and gave it my all, although it may have all just blown up in my face.





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