All that keeps us bound

Image result for fractal art

Talk about the limits of hell,

diagnosed unwell,

on that sweet day we fell,

a bit too far from comfort,

each moment is different,

psychological and oh so relevant,

in order to obtain new eyes,

and leave all the shadows behind,

not undermined just defined in the new ways as we become less blind and can unwind the ties that prevent us and bind,

fear is imminent, right there and i’m asking you to just be aware,

not many people care,

to go there.

When things start getting messy, stressy,

not quite as neat,

as we had somehow hoped when we took off on our feet,

from one shipwreck to the next

the connection hasn’t yet been established,

and the barriers yet ravished,

by the flames that burn down,

turn down, all that no longer pays all that keeps us bound.



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