Only then

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No time to go to bed, lay down and rest,

we over bled,

when wounds were fed,

and mouths, well we forget,

I can bet,

that as the sun sets,

you will either bathe in regrets,

or the galaxies and moons up ahead will instead pave a path to a garden of green with flowers that are red,

like warning bells or bulbs on a Marrakesh evening, with words unsaid and moments fleetingly beautiful before all things come to a head, we sped,

on these roads to oblivion, with nothing but these shields,

guarded, so unlike those open fields,

cannot roam this place all alone, now cold to the bone, it all hit home,

at the worst possible time, without a sign nor anything to notify, right when I had turned a blind eye.

see conditions have a tendency to stay firmly in place, they also usually leave a bad, bitter taste,

so let then and only then be the order of the day and walk through the steel gates regardless of what they say,

it’ll all be in vain and oh beware of the potential pain, always there, like a stain,

on the artwork that we like to call the breaking of chains.




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