That ship has sailed

Image result for boat photography

I was once offered a blank sheet,

this drawing would take an age to complete

five minutes in and I gave in to the urge to repeat,

what had once been so orderly and neat,

was disrupted by a blot of ink, it felt like a nightmare,

all the time spent on this, how unfair

that what was once was a square,

had somehow become a shape so rare,

and from there, a mess had taken over the thing I had treasured with such care.

The pendulum swung,

time was ticking and soon anticipation had begun,

when two had become one,

An offering of union,

the mess tainted the beautiful neatness,

or so I had once thought,

till it led to a direction and cause,

I could not conceive of how this momentary freeze would loosen its grip

bit by bit.

Which led me to tell this tale,

that a long time has gone, passed us by and the bread is now stale,

you can exhale,

let go, it’s old news, I promise that ship has sailed.



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