There you go again

There you go again,

saw you coming from around the bend,

highlighting the lack,

distance between the plan and what we have,

push and pull right at the moment I had lost track,

of even having my own back,

best interests at heart,

at the core of this art,

the foundation of this time round,

not bound to false ideals and paintings taken down,

from the wall to the ground,

An appetite for change,

to be hung up another time and place,

seems the Mona Lisa was given a new face.

When nothing was the same,

and we all became game,

the answers were never tame,

and struggle became the name of the game, a conflict of sorts or is it just all the same?

The single flame that was ignited withered and receded when the tides of confusion came,

when time eroded away, experiences fell away from my vision obscuring  each decision,

leaving us safe and sound,

in the lost and found.





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