Bled out again,

Image result for Emotional Art

They stung and made home in this unlikely abode, the wasps they rose and spun in circles above, we froze, took a moment to know more about the to and fro

that becomes when we succumb and fall into place, in a space that was otherwise an overlooked waste,

a tale that was woven through the webs of the lies that time has created and so the saying goes, we must read between the lines,

Right between the eyes, away from the light that did not guide but instead made me blind in it’s powerful white lies, a place to rest and die.

Overcome by doom, dread ensues, evil served up as a dish to consume, binding our organs like sticky, stubborn glue, till we eventually let up and let loose, from the grips of this route that is worn and has been overused.

…and with that she sunk, the quicksand let up and the water was replaced by gunk,

the storm left, indifferent, took it’s bearings a theft, we wept

and then leaves fell, we threw pennies into wishing wells, will this line sell? will they buy this notion that was a mask  for the hell in which they dwell. Then everyone fell.

It was over, the water was still, till the next tide came tumbling, this one was bolder, louder still and big enough to crush every single boulder, we look over our shoulder, shocked in a stand still, this time there is no four leave clover, no time to hover it’s time to run for cover,

Just when I had built up walls, thought I had seen it all, there was more, just at that moment we were pushed through a door, given a choice to recoil or go forth, eyes wide shut the audience roars in their unknowing perceptions, my awareness slid from the sky to the floor,

the ruins were not enough, questioning all that we love, when the wounds had bled out, the waters were murky and we were stuck, on a track paved by muck, no longer in the game of relying on sheer luck,




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