Breathing fire

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Damage control,

trying to make this crescent moon whole.

waxing as days bleed,

into one another devouring hours with greed,

a seed amongst weeds,

the same new day,

yet an imminent change,

in between the black and white there is a grey

sprinkled amongst the subtleties that we waste,

so set me a standard to attain now,

do not bother asking why and how,

and when I do I shall take a bow,






4 thoughts on “Breathing fire”

    1. Ah thank you 🙂 well no however I changed my university course to drama and creative writing. I realised that this is my dedication and I really don’t want to scatter my energy in the wrong places, as part of it we learn more about different styles involving prose. I’m excited to see different techniques for sure it’s well interesting!

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      1. Yes that happened. It happened for good reason and I have no regrets. None. 🙂
        Lol I see what you did there,
        well it’s my expression and however it resonates with each person is okay. 🙂

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