Echoes reverberate,

distinctly metallic across this landscape,

in the middle there is a portal designed for us to forget,


save me from those that know not yet,

that they are in fact already dead,

fighting the dual,


pulling wool did not work,

over eyes, that burn under tricks of the light,

the space between all matter

lined with scaly patterns,

rings around Saturn,

warning bells,

crimson red,

and well fed,

parasites to a host,

amber, yellow,

subtle glow

decaying dust roads,

paving paths lined with gold,

spinning, nine-folds,

who can feel the worst?

Be the first,

to dry out with thirst,

amnesia settles in,

as sedatives win,

over the host,

the one that suffered the most.

No charge will be given,

unheard of and unwritten,



old news, ten of swords,

marking the end,


no more echoes no more repeats,


I’m bored,

fighting to be restored,

cutting cords,








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