My name is Faatima,I originally created this blog as a space for me to release any musings I have to share. It some how bloomed into a series of poetry and I  really don’t see myself stopping any time soon. My posts may be random and that is because I define my poetry as very intuitive, kind of like a free-flow style of writing. As the title suggests it really just is a series of individual thoughts that I have somehow turned into art to share with the world. This is the perfect way to express myself when I feel inspired, I hope you enjoy reading some of my work.


34 thoughts on “About”

  1. You have been so kind in liking so many of my random blogposts that I just had to find a way to reach out to you and tell you that I am truly, deeply grateful to you, your time, interest and appreciation. Thank you so much! :D. I enjoy your work as well, and would love to connect with you :). Keep writing, good luck, and thank you again!

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  2. Heyyy Faatima ! So nice to meet you. I can understand your feeling to express because that is exactly why I started blogging. To put my thoughts in a compact form, to let it all out. Isn’t that why we all write?You’ve got a wonderful blog, I really liked it 🙂

    Gonna stick around, Can’t wait to read more from you ❤
    Much love,
    Zee ❤

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    1. Hey hey,
      Nice to meet you as well 🙂
      It is and honestly it’s the best feeling to be able to write anything from a place of authenticity and through that pure medium connect with others.
      Thank you so much for your support 🙂
      Much appreciated.
      Love and light,


    1. Hiya,
      Thank you so much for your kind and uplifting words.
      I’m truly blessed to be able to connect with people like you, really appreciate this blogging experience, it’s more than just writing.
      Once again thank you. 🙂
      Have a nice day/evening,

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  3. One of the best things about blogging is that there truly is no wrong. I love the title “Individual Thoughts” because they are your own thoughts and no one can tell you otherwise. I look forward to reading more into your blog in the weeks to come and hope you continue following your minds thoughts. If you ever wanted to see what an Arborist did you can check out my blog =). (I am new to this blogging thing)

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  4. Hi Faatima, nice to meet you. I like your poetry, I like the truth in it.
    Thank you so much for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey. And don’t be a stranger – come on over and join the conversation.

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  5. Hey Fatima,
    I’ve missed reading your poems. Maybe you’re busy with other projects. If you’re writing elsewhere, kindly let me know.


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