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Thrown away the key

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On the edge of atrophy,

rampant revolution with the sea breeze,

brewing in the air,

the mist, beware.

We no longer have a care,

for the now frozen lakes far off in another galaxy,

the little people are free

weeds surround the beautiful sweet flowers that breathe,

life into the ether as between the lines we read,

grow, uproot, resist, feed,

through perpetual death and rebirth on the shores of grand rising we bleed,

transformative, awakening from the haze,

fires blaze,

as seasons change

earthy, watery an elemental stage,

passage through the malaise,

wounds cut open and the memories fade,


it’s too late and we can no longer wait,

sitting ducks and enslaved,

You may have thrown away the key,

but this you did not foresee.





These eyes

the darkest hours, the night,

it carries us for a time,

but these eyes ensure that we do not stay blind,

not for long,

we listen to the song,

our eyes they adapt,

we accept, what has left,

eyes that brought us clarity,

in the midst of such disparity,

Senses activated,

singular perspectives dissipated,

rendered me conscious,

these senses,

but only so much,

not a crutch,

to lean on forever,

nor something that would make us clever,

but a gift none the less,

we can see how even amidst this mess

its funny because in some way we truly are blessed.

A simple realisation,

those with the eyes to see have come to this after much trepidation,

deliberation, confusion,

and ultimately diffusion,

as we melt into our ended states of peace,

issues are all resolved, full-circle, karmic, allowing, at a different rate or pace but with ease,

though for a time we freeze,

but these,

things they do leave.

Without a shadow of a doubt,

trusting this, a questioning of the source, within and without.

we truly bleed out,

till the only option left is to feel

and the only thing left is the raw unfiltered real,








comes from deep conversation

venting frustrations,

…and not intoxication.

A state of elation,

that requires no patience.

Mental elevation…

All in relation,

to how often you take a vacation,

from the story,

living in the heartspace free of worry,

Left the mind,

Far behind…

After daylight,

In the dead of night,

Saw that we could finally unite,

when we set the lies alight

Realised it’s alright.

Went just for a while,

…travelled many a mile.

and came back with a smile.







A losing game,


…because how much is it worth?

Does it matter who did it first…

There are no mistakes,

At the finish line it all turns out to be fake.

Somethings you just cannot break

Unshakable, unmistakable


Without chasing anything…without a care…

Stories, stolen glory.

A type of wealth,

Found in and of the self.

Reaping what you sow.

Using it to grow.

The attention that you pay,

Will  not only affect your day.

But your entire way…

…whether  choose to leave or stay…

..and the things you choose to say.

Letting go,

Unattached and in my zone.

Never alone,

Content in the midst of chaos

Accepting what was.

It simply went by.

Was never meant to be mine.

So now I can reflect and truly say, goodbye.








Living again


Breathing again,

state of zen

knowing exactly when.. give a hand to lend,

love to send,

yet my consciousness will not bend…

…or descend.

In fact I will transcend,

only ever learning,

Pain is a disguise,

a mirror for what’s inside,

says the wise.

Offering a hint of advice.

A life lesson

..and not just a one hour session.

Fear not, you’re truly not in that deep…

Falling asleep.

Or weak.

I can seek that you are not meek.

Budding star,

You will go far.

So think,

these encounters forgotten in a blink.

Exaggerated…a magnifying glass,

Think I’ll take a pass.

Distortions of the mind’s eye

Sometimes…oftentimes it’ll lie.


A match to your past experiences.

Healing ever faster.

Dealing with it with joy and of course laughter

Sense of self,

Starts now,

Don’t ask how.

Truth is vibrating ever loud

Ring, calling, breaking the ground.

All around.

No longer bound.

Embrace the changes and be ready to astound.







Let your heart burst open


Hi all,

It’s almost midnight but something is keeping me up…a very familiar sensation, one that I’ve been feeling a lot of lately…it’s that passionate, yearning sensation to go and fully live.

This to me is a very good sign, it is what gives me life-force energy.

I remember the period in time where I lost this and let me tell you now, the world became a very bleak place to me.

Now that the fire has been ignited again and is well and truly burning within me I feel so euphoric…as if I’m on clouds or something…it’s the best.

I feel like everything I want is tangible.

I feel like walls have fallen down and I will continue to break more that appear in front of me.

This forward moving energy has me living life slightly on edge.

I must keep up with myself…this is crazy.

Going with every new experience that pops up in my reality.

It’s exciting.

…and I’m creating it.

The more I move to new heights the more I crave.

It’s never-ending and I don’t even mind.

The impossible is now possible.

The past is nice but the future will far outshine it..

I can tell.

The now is precious, the now is the catalyst in this chemical reaction we call life.

So if this is how I feel…so be it.

I will let my heart burst open.

I trust my eternal guide…