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Do as you please,

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It is burning me,

how these days I just cannot seem pen down and weave,

fairy-tales and stories,

from a web so tangled and paper creased,

call it brain freeze,

temporarily blocked I cannot receive,

inspired reason to vent and release,

energy in motion flowing like rivers run deep,

under skin, we grieve,

I watch on as lost bodies retreat,

back in to their seats,

unable to believe,

that we can always choose to break free and just do as we fucking please.




Wake up

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I am past the days of delusions,

excuses, backed up with fairly good reasons,

throwing force-fields at enemies,

doubts fail to cloud my mind this time around.

No more settling for less,

no more lack of self respect,

like Neptune weaves a fate,

shaped by tendencies to escape

from which one day we’ll be forced to awake.

The realm of fantasy,

an alternate reality,

holds us back,

when real life seems to lack,

but clear space inside your brain,

and let go of the chain,

of conditioned thoughts,

lies you may have bought,

Awakening to who you really are,

and following your heart

slaying the dragon,

and steering clear of the bandwagon,

breeding sheep,

who were once in deep,

a planet of amnesia, still asleep,

eyes opening from slumber as we keep,

persistently planting seeds

intuition is the key out,

and this time there is no turning around.




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Like chalk they grate,

across fresh slate,

continuing to fabricate,

I am not here to wait,

No longer adhering it is too late,

these elaborate bars,

theft from these palms,

into arms,

not genuine, nor kind,

certainly not mine,

I want to no longer care any more,

I want that side to die and transform,

clinging will not work,

rebellion has its perks,

but resistance makes stronger,

and conforming kills our hunger,

so shake off all unease,

and hierarchies will cease,

From the macrocosm down to the fractal,

Find your place in motion at random,

everlasting change,

a constant state,

as the dates all merge into one conglomerate,

we see what we create,

energy that radiates




Breathing fire

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Damage control,

trying to make this crescent moon whole.

waxing as days bleed,

into one another devouring hours with greed,

a seed amongst weeds,

the same new day,

yet an imminent change,

in between the black and white there is a grey

sprinkled amongst the subtleties that we waste,

so set me a standard to attain now,

do not bother asking why and how,

and when I do I shall take a bow,






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The steps were laden,

right up ahead, the guide leads us out of this safe haven,

that had us on lock down, initiation was not a sound that we recognised in our imaginary towns.

…unable to make steps to progress, till the price of what we would lose was less,

we took a deep breath, digest their stories, their unspoken stress and all that they compress

just about ready to undress the layers of mess that drew colour from our own selves,

at last they had completed the relentless spin of these webs,

ensuring that bugs would infest, a gathering of supplies in an attempt to be the best.

In these pests we lost interest,

as the tides of time eroded our nests and slowly the charcoal crumbled we were blessed, with these mirrors that reflect…

… right back to us what we confess, into this spinning globe and all that remains locked tightly away in our chest,


These eyes

the darkest hours, the night,

it carries us for a time,

but these eyes ensure that we do not stay blind,

not for long,

we listen to the song,

our eyes they adapt,

we accept, what has left,

eyes that brought us clarity,

in the midst of such disparity,

Senses activated,

singular perspectives dissipated,

rendered me conscious,

these senses,

but only so much,

not a crutch,

to lean on forever,

nor something that would make us clever,

but a gift none the less,

we can see how even amidst this mess

its funny because in some way we truly are blessed.

A simple realisation,

those with the eyes to see have come to this after much trepidation,

deliberation, confusion,

and ultimately diffusion,

as we melt into our ended states of peace,

issues are all resolved, full-circle, karmic, allowing, at a different rate or pace but with ease,

though for a time we freeze,

but these,

things they do leave.

Without a shadow of a doubt,

trusting this, a questioning of the source, within and without.

we truly bleed out,

till the only option left is to feel

and the only thing left is the raw unfiltered real,





Some things…

not right, nor real,

not enough to provide a meal,

secure something precious,

they let us,

run wild,

but we need to release this inner child,

so that the picture flows,

the art work grows,

changing with the winds,

facilitating this up-hill,


through minute lessons,

grand in the scheme of things,

so the phone rings,

and we pick it up,

listen to the voice that tells us exactly what’s up,

subtle from the melt,

it’s just something that we felt.