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A better future

Leaving trails,

little pearls of love to unveil,

droplets as we exhale,

with the in breath and out,

as within as without

any time thought patterns intrude,

recognise the feedback loop,

lies we’ve been fed,

waking lives, just like the undead,

do not try to numb,

but still do not succumb,

bear witness, let go,

by watching the ebb and the flow,

all along just know,

that it is only a tool to show,

how little time is left,

so we can become adept,

consciously manifest,

something better,

my kind of trend-setter.





All that keeps us bound

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Talk about the limits of hell,

diagnosed unwell,

on that sweet day we fell,

a bit too far from comfort,

each moment is different,

psychological and oh so relevant,

in order to obtain new eyes,

and leave all the shadows behind,

not undermined just defined in the new ways as we become less blind and can unwind the ties that prevent us and bind,

fear is imminent, right there and i’m asking you to just be aware,

not many people care,

to go there.

When things start getting messy, stressy,

not quite as neat,

as we had somehow hoped when we took off on our feet,

from one shipwreck to the next

the connection hasn’t yet been established,

and the barriers yet ravished,

by the flames that burn down,

turn down, all that no longer pays all that keeps us bound.


The contrast burns,


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The contrast burns like the sting of electricity,

pushed to our utmost capacity,

eroding away fragments of what what we knew,

melted away and diffused,

one at a time pillars upheld for so long fall and chaos ensues,

for a time,

except truth be told there is a rhythm and a rhyme,

to this madness, sadness,

a strong desire for endedness,

unwavering, relentless,

maybe one more day,

because these reasons they shape,

goals that pave my way,

almost like a game to play..

I just hope this time it pays,

I hope this time I can raise,

to an even better state,

now that I can see error of these ways,

the thinking that got us to this place,

we had to suffer to learn,

no where near perfect but there is so much left to earn.

…and that is why I woke up today,

and gave it my all, although it may have all just blown up in my face.




Just another allegory

I knew what I was going in to,

took on the adventure and jumped in the ocean blue,

vast, open, expansive, free… an endless sea of opportunity,

or just a stage, for a play of sorts…theatrical, a cage,

to an extent, set up,

perfectly for us to develop,

these skills through incidences in the guise of challenges,


created through our mind when we are unaware of this mechanism,

but tapping in to our true essence beyond all reason is the wisdom,

that is not taught by these preachers, teachers,


Ask yourself why,

you chose this type of life,

often hidden from these eyes, there is a reason behind every decision you’ll soon find,

to live fully aware is to take a risk and without doubting the never-ending insight,

refuse to lie,

to yourself beyond approval and the need to be recognised

re-affirm the true source,

often obscured by limiting beliefs, ideas, patterning we look away…unsure,

don’t get this confused,

everyone has their own particular view, based on what they have been through

and so the stories came about, that we so often take for the truth,

which then leads to a life of not much use,

the new you,

is born,

beaten down and worn,

by opinionated mouths, with much influence in these circles of devil horns,

not a rose to be found amongst all these thorns

taken on the common consensus,

in a deep state of forgetfulness,

monotony, routine, the unseen,

it’s safer to live in denial,

because the loss of ego,

is a blow,

to our sense of self,

but once that falls then you can become relentless,

in your search to live out a life of true purpose.

…and even that is ever changing,

promises cannot be made with this way of relating,

to the world, so authentic,

cannot be handled by bulls stuck in the pasture, unenthusiastic

but in the long term it will all go south and so you chose this particular route, and made sure you were not bound,

by a story,

…just another an allegory,



To know and to not know

one, two three,

this should be a breeze,

with relative ease,


all manage to have the same fear,

when nothing is one hundred percent clear,

fact is nothing is set in stone,

no promise, no not even at home,

intent is a haze,

don’t think don’t get caught up in this maze,

if nothing is a mistake,

then it does not matter if you love or hate,

this stance, this way, this living we each make,

I am here to offer you contrast,

Not an obstacle to get past,

this will last and I will not surpass,

what is real,

in favour of what is ideal,

to those who cannot see, hear or feel,

a glimpse of this truth,

and with all that said, that is okay too.





To know what is next,

Lessons in being the best,

To be able to relate,

but at the same time triggered by the fate,

that created a pattern of pain,

kind of insane,

when you can train,

yourself to gain,

abundance, a better-feeling state


wide in awe of the sights,

this plight, has let in even more daylight,

trust in something more tangible,

has shaped the physical, nothing short of a miracle how…

scars heal,

when we let ourselves feel,

valid and part of the deal

shadows, being real.

The price, not always nice…

but in the end it is wise to not compromise,

if it just does not feel right.

So no more conflicting thoughts on the matter,

making space for meaningless chatter,

Stop trying to prove,

and stand firmly in your own truth.

not an absolute,

sure has it’s roots.

All these games,

a lose-lose situation,

at the end of the day.

Put this all to rest…

a lightness, weight off my chest,

only time and perseverance will tell,

what is to come next.





That’s all I did


It was really nothing,

A small little something

Didn’t take much time

To write a little rhyme

Pay a dime

Commit this crime,

Pretend to be fine

When life comes around

They make no sound

What has been found

Can shatter the ground

Yet still we go round and round

Offer it presence and nothing more…

Priceless, limitless, off the walls.

No time to stall,

On the heels of a reform

We totally transform.

The exact opposite of what it is to conform.

So tell me now what it is you have earnt…

something you may have learnt.

Or keep it to yourself.

You’ll just know when you decide to be fully present..

..and for once be with the contrasting essence

of all things pleasant…

…and even what many may call a depressant.

Somethings are unexplicable

Overthinking this may be irresistable

Tempting as it is

Is it worth it?

Weigh out the price..

…and you’ll soon realise

That maybe it’s not so nice.

The answer is easy,


Don’t try play fair..

Or even care,

All I’m asking, is to simply be there.