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The heart centre

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Memories swiped,

An amnesia that hides,

buried in the worlds within worlds,

but as the veils grew thin these realms unfurled,

fragments and shards spinning vortexes whirl,

as forgetfulness and slumber became impossible to maintain,

reality looks at us right in the face,

there was no place to run and no place to escape,

back to centre stage,

medium, a calm place,

knowing beyond knowing these verses became congruent,

lines in my mind’s eye which is observant and fluent,

well read in these arts,

but now integrate and start,

to do the real work all we ask is if you do dare to stare

into the abyss beneath these muddied layers,

handle with compassion and a slow and steady care,

tricky at first,

as illusions tumble and bubbles burst,

you’ll master it once you come out the hurt,

practice and patience,

surrendered without waiting,

aeons of tales weaved in the webs of times past,

blunders direct us to blind spots if we last,

and bloom from seedlings to flowers,

for they left us wide open in a place where souls get devoured,

projections and stories unseen and unheard,

yet felt all the same through the onslaught of words,

to those few that know,

empathic warrior souls,

we either take it on and dwindle to their whims

or the other choice is to light up and be still

returning us back, back to what is within.







Forest through the trees

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Schism, the devourment,

Clarity of mind beyond the firmament,

the edge of existing,

beyond resisting

struck between two places,

a world found between spaces,

another plane of being,

way of seeing,

somehow freeing,

confines release,

as we retrieve,

fact from fiction,

storybook tales allegorical, in relation,

to these codes unlocked,

practiced daily as sure as the clock,

ticks so we can perceive,

the forest through the trees.






Fire and earth


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Burn it to the ground,

before the flames died down,

these illusions were the light,

like candles in the night,

casting shadows in the smoke,

something beautiful and bespoke,

emerged from the dead, we awoke,

this potential that had been simmering below the surface,

has broken free and we find one purpose,

has taken it’s place,

amongst the blaze,

of time and space,

elemental, alchemical,

atrophy, and eventually the cycle,

has endured a rebirth,

of fire and earth.

Faatima xx


shadow work

when will this day conclude?

when can I finally relax and diffuse,

this state of being baffled, confused,

relax into what to me is no longer new,

some days are a struggle, in a frenzied bubble,

still through this,

shadows today have come to the surface,

so I embraced them and found out their purpose,

is this pattern of worry really of service?

picked it up some where way, way back

but when push comes to shove it’s really not such a lack,

to become aligned with what you really want to do,

and the process isn’t always easy but remember your truth

oh if only I knew,

that it’s okay to just be,

become free of this unease and one with the unseen,

rests beyond the shadows, set up to obscure our dreams

instead of escaping into distractions left, right and centre,

co-creating something a little better,

apathy went,

took rest,

the power of intent,

within? I wanted without.

These challenges were imprinted in us,

these structures set-up,

still there is no must,

free-flowing, in our purpose we trust,





To not create…


To not create,

Would be such a waste.

Oh to go in the face,

Of what it is to be considered a mistake,


Who says?

Just a different taste.

I confess,

I question myself…

Am I even listening?

To the quiet whistling..

The stars are still glistening.

Even at this distance.

In this instance,


It’s alright.



Catching a night flight,

The unknown,

With just my mobile phone

On the other side of the line…

…and everything was fine.

They say transparency,

can only lead to clarity

Yet there is no guarantee

But the truth of the matter,

Is that it’s all chatter.

All these institutions

create more confusions,

deeper into the illusion,

reaching a new conclusion.

We cannot mend,

let alone comprehend,

things beyond our control,

so we console,

and just like that she let go.

Didnt put on a show…

…just went with the flow,

Limitless…with a glow

Reap what you sow…

Something we now know.

There is no real lack

Or need to go back

Once you start

To create real art

What are you trying to prove?

What’s left to lose

when you stop being mute

and express your truth.

Beyond hate,

Trying to compensate,

Because its never too late,

To ask what is really at stake?

Beyond all things fake.

So make no mistake

I am just here to make,

Faatima xx





Half in…


Half in…half out…

Making no real change…

..silence, no sound.

Today it rained

The clouds came around…

Flooded up this town.

Dabbling in the water but only just…

That’s it I’ve had enough…

Walking with conviction has become a must.

Now or never it’s time to commit..

If you claim to be who you are, stand up don’t sit!

Reality always catches up even if you resist.

Eyes wide open…

Didn’t waste time moping.

Learning as I go along…


Bound to the earth.

Not running…throw me your worst.

I’m not afraid, had my turn…

Watching the denial burn…

Can see clearly once I melt away any discrepancies…

This place in time…human society…

The new moon..

Here too soon?

Rolling with the transition…

If I need to leave, I promise there is a reason.

It’s not you, it’s me..

…cliche, but you’ll see.

Peeling off each layer…

Raising ourselves higher.

My role

Our goal.

Need defense?

Hell no..

In touch with this soul…

Mine to console…


Regardless, my place here makes that much more sense.

Feeling free..

…because I kind of do agree..

…there is change in the air…

When you realise how much you really do care…

Take time to be honest and you become aware

I will put in my all…

…even if I fall.

Today I feel different…

…truth realised in silence

…a long time coming…

vulnerability is power so stop running.

Facing my fears…

Nothing left to take here…

Peeling off the layers till my vision is clear.

Taken with a grain of salt…

Life lesson…everything came to a stand still, halt.

..but not for long..

Done many things wrong…

Haven’t we all?

Owning it, here are my flaws.

Laid out bare…

…for everyone to stare.

Feeling a certain way,

Like I’m in a new mind state.

Always trying my best…

Can’t compare to the rest.

No more being half hearted…

No more false grin…

This time I’m all the way in…

..and I’m going to win…

Whatever it is, here’s to a new beginning…