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Thrown away the key

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On the edge of atrophy,

rampant revolution with the sea breeze,

brewing in the air,

the mist, beware.

We no longer have a care,

for the now frozen lakes far off in another galaxy,

the little people are free

weeds surround the beautiful sweet flowers that breathe,

life into the ether as between the lines we read,

grow, uproot, resist, feed,

through perpetual death and rebirth on the shores of grand rising we bleed,

transformative, awakening from the haze,

fires blaze,

as seasons change

earthy, watery an elemental stage,

passage through the malaise,

wounds cut open and the memories fade,


it’s too late and we can no longer wait,

sitting ducks and enslaved,

You may have thrown away the key,

but this you did not foresee.





F*ck the story.


It’s about time,

to unwind,

the knots and ties of the mind.

Don’t try to rewind

Just give your brain a break

and catch the next train. For your own sake.

Metaphorically speaking of course,

when you feel it can’t get much worse.

Valid but not the whole truth.

Sometimes I stay mute,

Sometimes it’s for the best…

…disregard the mess,

Bye bye stress

Couldn’t care less.

Just wanted to be aware,

and to be fair it’s not really my cross to bear.

Truth is I am in awe,

Always learning more.

So much to explore.

This place is a maze,

and frankly I’m amazed

…but not necessarily fazed.

These thoughts won’t go to waste,

Not simply a matter of copy and paste,

They say sharing is caring.

…but at the root of all this talking,

I only wanted to say one thing.

Hopefully that message is read.

Understood on some level when all is done and all is said..







A losing game,


…because how much is it worth?

Does it matter who did it first…

There are no mistakes,

At the finish line it all turns out to be fake.

Somethings you just cannot break

Unshakable, unmistakable


Without chasing anything…without a care…

Stories, stolen glory.

A type of wealth,

Found in and of the self.

Reaping what you sow.

Using it to grow.

The attention that you pay,

Will  not only affect your day.

But your entire way…

…whether  choose to leave or stay…

..and the things you choose to say.

Letting go,

Unattached and in my zone.

Never alone,

Content in the midst of chaos

Accepting what was.

It simply went by.

Was never meant to be mine.

So now I can reflect and truly say, goodbye.










My perfect handwriting,

No more fighting…

flames are igniting,

Present moment insight…

I don’t bite.

Thats a promise…

…when on the hunt for eventual bliss,

So stay still

…and go for the kill.

Breathe in,

You’ll always win,

It’s a truth,

that you can’t possibly lose,

Bulls, taurus has been let loose

…off the noose

Another chance to show,

tell them where to go,

Ignore the no.

…and exude the brightest glow.




They are coming…


Watching from the inside, out…

Another lesson learnt, misadventure, what is it really all about?

It’s happening again…

Everything and nothing…created from within…

…similar pattern…

…New observation…

….New feeling state…

…I contemplate…

Wasn’t simply up to fate…

Wrong direction…


Silent observer did not want to react…

Just a matter of fact

You appear numb,




Taking back responsibility…

…ultimately I created this reality.

Went off course, needed to redirect…

Awareness led me here, I dropped the illusion of fear…

There was a cause and an effect…

Not a victim, just going to reflect…

Letting it be okay.

Never bending but just letting myself sway.

Gently in the breeze…

At ease…

Free of this disease


My presence

An absence of pretence.

When I know what I know

…only realised how little I know…

…and so I let it go…

…an insight to help me grow…


…suddenly it became funny…

I let it be…

Felt free…

Decided to just chill…

…always finding the time if there is a will.

Rain drops patter…

…washing away remnants of meaningless chatter…

Things that didn’t really matter…

About time…

Back to the daily grind…

Hell no, not going back to being blind…

Going to be present..

Here now, observant…

Not in the clouds…

…but on the ground…

Here now…

To see just how things will go down…

…when I start seeing things for what they really are…

…when it all makes sense and life becomes a work of art.