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Thrown away the key

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On the edge of atrophy,

rampant revolution with the sea breeze,

brewing in the air,

the mist, beware.

We no longer have a care,

for the now frozen lakes far off in another galaxy,

the little people are free

weeds surround the beautiful sweet flowers that breathe,

life into the ether as between the lines we read,

grow, uproot, resist, feed,

through perpetual death and rebirth on the shores of grand rising we bleed,

transformative, awakening from the haze,

fires blaze,

as seasons change

earthy, watery an elemental stage,

passage through the malaise,

wounds cut open and the memories fade,


it’s too late and we can no longer wait,

sitting ducks and enslaved,

You may have thrown away the key,

but this you did not foresee.





The heart centre

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Memories swiped,

An amnesia that hides,

buried in the worlds within worlds,

but as the veils grew thin these realms unfurled,

fragments and shards spinning vortexes whirl,

as forgetfulness and slumber became impossible to maintain,

reality looks at us right in the face,

there was no place to run and no place to escape,

back to centre stage,

medium, a calm place,

knowing beyond knowing these verses became congruent,

lines in my mind’s eye which is observant and fluent,

well read in these arts,

but now integrate and start,

to do the real work all we ask is if you do dare to stare

into the abyss beneath these muddied layers,

handle with compassion and a slow and steady care,

tricky at first,

as illusions tumble and bubbles burst,

you’ll master it once you come out the hurt,

practice and patience,

surrendered without waiting,

aeons of tales weaved in the webs of times past,

blunders direct us to blind spots if we last,

and bloom from seedlings to flowers,

for they left us wide open in a place where souls get devoured,

projections and stories unseen and unheard,

yet felt all the same through the onslaught of words,

to those few that know,

empathic warrior souls,

we either take it on and dwindle to their whims

or the other choice is to light up and be still

returning us back, back to what is within.






Wake up

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I am past the days of delusions,

excuses, backed up with fairly good reasons,

throwing force-fields at enemies,

doubts fail to cloud my mind this time around.

No more settling for less,

no more lack of self respect,

like Neptune weaves a fate,

shaped by tendencies to escape

from which one day we’ll be forced to awake.

The realm of fantasy,

an alternate reality,

holds us back,

when real life seems to lack,

but clear space inside your brain,

and let go of the chain,

of conditioned thoughts,

lies you may have bought,

Awakening to who you really are,

and following your heart

slaying the dragon,

and steering clear of the bandwagon,

breeding sheep,

who were once in deep,

a planet of amnesia, still asleep,

eyes opening from slumber as we keep,

persistently planting seeds

intuition is the key out,

and this time there is no turning around.



A losing game,


…because how much is it worth?

Does it matter who did it first…

There are no mistakes,

At the finish line it all turns out to be fake.

Somethings you just cannot break

Unshakable, unmistakable


Without chasing anything…without a care…

Stories, stolen glory.

A type of wealth,

Found in and of the self.

Reaping what you sow.

Using it to grow.

The attention that you pay,

Will  not only affect your day.

But your entire way…

…whether  choose to leave or stay…

..and the things you choose to say.

Letting go,

Unattached and in my zone.

Never alone,

Content in the midst of chaos

Accepting what was.

It simply went by.

Was never meant to be mine.

So now I can reflect and truly say, goodbye.








Living again


Breathing again,

state of zen

knowing exactly when.. give a hand to lend,

love to send,

yet my consciousness will not bend…

…or descend.

In fact I will transcend,

only ever learning,

Pain is a disguise,

a mirror for what’s inside,

says the wise.

Offering a hint of advice.

A life lesson

..and not just a one hour session.

Fear not, you’re truly not in that deep…

Falling asleep.

Or weak.

I can seek that you are not meek.

Budding star,

You will go far.

So think,

these encounters forgotten in a blink.

Exaggerated…a magnifying glass,

Think I’ll take a pass.

Distortions of the mind’s eye

Sometimes…oftentimes it’ll lie.


A match to your past experiences.

Healing ever faster.

Dealing with it with joy and of course laughter

Sense of self,

Starts now,

Don’t ask how.

Truth is vibrating ever loud

Ring, calling, breaking the ground.

All around.

No longer bound.

Embrace the changes and be ready to astound.









My perfect handwriting,

No more fighting…

flames are igniting,

Present moment insight…

I don’t bite.

Thats a promise…

…when on the hunt for eventual bliss,

So stay still

…and go for the kill.

Breathe in,

You’ll always win,

It’s a truth,

that you can’t possibly lose,

Bulls, taurus has been let loose

…off the noose

Another chance to show,

tell them where to go,

Ignore the no.

…and exude the brightest glow.




Go gently…go softly


Go gently, go softly the world is already too harsh of a place in this day and age of disconnection…well except for the internet we’re all connected to that hehe :p

When you are on a path of discovering your fullest potential it’s all too easy to focus on one aspect and forget it is the realisation of the whole of who you truly are and not just that one part of you.

A year ago I was self aware in terms of being soft and gentle but over time as I have gone through some transformational experiences that really shook me up and led me to where I am now, I am more self aware in terms of being a grounded and confident individual.

I feel I may have lost that old element of me.

…and it dosent feel good, that is how I know it’s a barrier in the way of recognising and embodying my authenticity to focus only on that one aspect.

Anything that feels less than good is a sign that you are not in alignment…it serves a purpose so don’t ignore it and follow the signals.

I have recently taken the time to retreat into myself and do what feels good, which is get back in touch with the side of me that has been withering away…the soft and gentle side.

I now know why I abandoned that aspect of me, a fear of being stepped on and disregarded which did happen but only because I had one without the other.

Seeing the people who were more ruthless in their tactics succeed created self-doubt but when I spoke to them there was always an emptiness, a void.

Manifesting your dream whilst abandoning your truth is never worth it.

It’s true that if you only embrace the gentle side of you then you will be in a more vulnerable position so instead it is all about finding that balance of staying grounded and confident whilst being soft and gentle enough to maintain your true, considerate and empathetic nature.

The problem for me is that I began replacing one for the other which didn’t feel good.

The first step to realisation and change-making is self awareness…being painfully self aware and in touch with your mind to the point where it is not self critical but instead acknowledgment and compassion.

That is the catalyst to great transformations.

So the question arises is authenticity and truth worth it at the expense of ruthlessly causing pain to others? The answer for me is no.

It doesn’t feel good firstly and secondly the world really needs more love and compassion it’s the least we can do to influence society…even on a small-scale in our communities, the numbers do add up.

Instead of passing a judgement that will hurt the other person and trying to justify ‘tough love’ which is not really love at all, offer out a hand in support, listen and if they ask then speak your truth with delicacy and consciously in regards to their perspective.

If nothing good comes of your interaction with a particular individual you find to be ‘too different’ to you…walk away…simple.

Follow what feels good and if being around them doesn’t feel good as it leads to conflict and a poisonous or toxic atmosphere, recognise that they are not in your calling and let all that potential hurt go by leaving.

We all have walked different paths and we all have different opinions on matters yet as humans we all understand how bad the lower vibrations and pain associated with that feels.

We should come together in that knowledge to help end suffering.

Even if you get a bad reaction at the end of the day as long as your intent was to stay soft and gentle, you know you tried your best and so you will not feel bad, I promise.