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Thrown away the key

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On the edge of atrophy,

rampant revolution with the sea breeze,

brewing in the air,

the mist, beware.

We no longer have a care,

for the now frozen lakes far off in another galaxy,

the little people are free

weeds surround the beautiful sweet flowers that breathe,

life into the ether as between the lines we read,

grow, uproot, resist, feed,

through perpetual death and rebirth on the shores of grand rising we bleed,

transformative, awakening from the haze,

fires blaze,

as seasons change

earthy, watery an elemental stage,

passage through the malaise,

wounds cut open and the memories fade,


it’s too late and we can no longer wait,

sitting ducks and enslaved,

You may have thrown away the key,

but this you did not foresee.




The heart centre

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Memories swiped,

An amnesia that hides,

buried in the worlds within worlds,

but as the veils grew thin these realms unfurled,

fragments and shards spinning vortexes whirl,

as forgetfulness and slumber became impossible to maintain,

reality looks at us right in the face,

there was no place to run and no place to escape,

back to centre stage,

medium, a calm place,

knowing beyond knowing these verses became congruent,

lines in my mind’s eye which is observant and fluent,

well read in these arts,

but now integrate and start,

to do the real work all we ask is if you do dare to stare

into the abyss beneath these muddied layers,

handle with compassion and a slow and steady care,

tricky at first,

as illusions tumble and bubbles burst,

you’ll master it once you come out the hurt,

practice and patience,

surrendered without waiting,

aeons of tales weaved in the webs of times past,

blunders direct us to blind spots if we last,

and bloom from seedlings to flowers,

for they left us wide open in a place where souls get devoured,

projections and stories unseen and unheard,

yet felt all the same through the onslaught of words,

to those few that know,

empathic warrior souls,

we either take it on and dwindle to their whims

or the other choice is to light up and be still

returning us back, back to what is within.






Wake up

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I am past the days of delusions,

excuses, backed up with fairly good reasons,

throwing force-fields at enemies,

doubts fail to cloud my mind this time around.

No more settling for less,

no more lack of self respect,

like Neptune weaves a fate,

shaped by tendencies to escape

from which one day we’ll be forced to awake.

The realm of fantasy,

an alternate reality,

holds us back,

when real life seems to lack,

but clear space inside your brain,

and let go of the chain,

of conditioned thoughts,

lies you may have bought,

Awakening to who you really are,

and following your heart

slaying the dragon,

and steering clear of the bandwagon,

breeding sheep,

who were once in deep,

a planet of amnesia, still asleep,

eyes opening from slumber as we keep,

persistently planting seeds

intuition is the key out,

and this time there is no turning around.



Anything goes

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Anything goes does not cut it any more,

now I look back and think of it as a bore,

a waste of time, what’s more?

Still trying to score,

Open up closed doors,

and reveal what is hidden in plain view,

the excuse,

not right nor true,

Casually smoking cigarettes,

Slipping away like a silhouette,

Clinging to a hopeful ideal,

knowing deep down it just aint real,

till you’ve allowed yourself to feel,

the weight of your fear,

so that you can start again and it disappears,

no more denial,

accept the trial,

uncover a unique expression,

shared as a present,

no more anything goes,

time to take the blows,

offered in the way of this prize

the price is too high,

means too much to me I cannot lie,

to live this out, ask yourself why?

in this place we don’t just simply get by,

we reach high,

so say your final goodbyes,

to anything and anyone who isn’t by your side,

when you confide,

your plans to take this stride,

and refuse to slip down that slippery slide,

I think it’s about time

to not oblige,

I think it’s about time

to do what is right.

Faatima ❤



Fire and earth


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Burn it to the ground,

before the flames died down,

these illusions were the light,

like candles in the night,

casting shadows in the smoke,

something beautiful and bespoke,

emerged from the dead, we awoke,

this potential that had been simmering below the surface,

has broken free and we find one purpose,

has taken it’s place,

amongst the blaze,

of time and space,

elemental, alchemical,

atrophy, and eventually the cycle,

has endured a rebirth,

of fire and earth.

Faatima xx


He told me to smile

He told me to smile,

as I walked by,

all the while,

my mind was busied up,

a universe forgot,

Face-value, experiences and what is real and true,

cannot be seen from this singular point of view,

this moment in time,

struck me as pivotal, I find,

that happiness is a choice,

and how we use our voice,

there is no wrong answer however reclaim back your power,

to decide,

to  create a world worth living inside,

I turned to look at the man,

he would have what some would call less than,

the picture perfect life,

but something was realised,

call it a mere coincident

that on this particular day we met,

a brief and fleeting encounter, a shift in mind set,

this, I did not forget.




To know and to not know

one, two three,

this should be a breeze,

with relative ease,


all manage to have the same fear,

when nothing is one hundred percent clear,

fact is nothing is set in stone,

no promise, no not even at home,

intent is a haze,

don’t think don’t get caught up in this maze,

if nothing is a mistake,

then it does not matter if you love or hate,

this stance, this way, this living we each make,

I am here to offer you contrast,

Not an obstacle to get past,

this will last and I will not surpass,

what is real,

in favour of what is ideal,

to those who cannot see, hear or feel,

a glimpse of this truth,

and with all that said, that is okay too.