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Through the hall of mirrors

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Caught in a spin cycle,

Burning gold bursts out upon our arrival,

we begin again,

as time weaves these stories, embedded and endured,

we can never be quite sure,

Pulled by the tides,

an amnesia that hides,

to us it will never confide.

that this fortress was built upon lies,

shush, please just shut your eyes,

the demise of reality, we are made blind,

night time falls and we are numbed out, okay, getting by, fine,

but just remember that a place to forget and hide,

is a place where misplaced projections reside,

these processes mechanical, like mind numbing opiates and we override,

senses, what is inside.

You will soon find,

if you have the eyes to see,

coupled with a natural curiosity

that forgetting is easy,

it’s the breaking out that require a will to carve our own way,

no matter what they throw in our face,

This game we must refuse to play,

do not feed into it and become prey,

thought and emotion are worth more than gold

choice to blaze through any false promises sold,

the future looks bright,

when you are at one and can through the darkness of the night,

find even one reason to fight,



The only way out

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Finding magick in the mundane,

Leaving a trail,

Depression, grey skies, rain,

on grassy terrains,

painting pictures,

art, inspired by features,

subtle little details,

Woven through moments we entail,

When even words fail,

thoughts escape us,

lust for life, feelings and climbing up,

the ladder to what’s above,

hidden in plain view,

within the red and blue,

poles, the burning heat and icy dew,

So we learnt and grew,

I guess it’s really true

the only way out is through,




Stay in your lane

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Without exception,

Waking moments tainted by trappings,

Make of it what you will,

Molding like clay,

stories day by day,

An unending sequence with tracks deeply ingrained,

As we’re trained to dance with disdain,

Stay in your lane,

Egg-shells planted

the contrast and polarity is granted,

a given,

yet the mirror always remains slightly slanted,

upon the wall,

our down-fall.




Fire and earth


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Burn it to the ground,

before the flames died down,

these illusions were the light,

like candles in the night,

casting shadows in the smoke,

something beautiful and bespoke,

emerged from the dead, we awoke,

this potential that had been simmering below the surface,

has broken free and we find one purpose,

has taken it’s place,

amongst the blaze,

of time and space,

elemental, alchemical,

atrophy, and eventually the cycle,

has endured a rebirth,

of fire and earth.

Faatima xx


The real world,

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In the quote ‘real world,’

in order to make things work,

these words have me bored,


rest assured,

they will be ignored.

they preach how things never really work out quite like that,

there are things to take into account, concepts to grasp,

The fork in the road, a reminder to drop the unnecessary load,

all these ideas

these sub-conscious fears,

they marry well together in stifling you from this end goal,

the reason that you struggle so much in the pursuit of becoming whole.

Embodying a vision,

no matter how small the mission,

it takes a dropping of old beliefs,

to have a sense of direction will be a relief,

but not too rigid, remember to float till you eventually reach,

that place where time no longer sleeps,

the wheel turns, it does not make a sound

it has come full circle, now,


Inspiration offered up everywhere,

not so much an original idea but the fires we all share,

of momentum and enthusiasm,

is in the end the root of our unique expression,

a tool

or merely just a lesson,

a step in the dance of progression,

to apply on to our particular course,

without pause

nor a gap between thoughts

doubts to be released

and so we are free’d,

it seems through the battles fought,

we eventually saw,

how its now time to give back

as the ripple effect is a direct result of just that.



Shaken up, shaken out.

Shaken up, shaken out.

Within and without.

Blind sighted by the works,

an artist’s world.

They say hindsight has 20/20 vision,

changing focus, just a small alteration.

Guided by the unseen,

what has not yet been,

what ceases to be complete,

till eventually the wound bleeds,

and heals ever faster, sweet.

Take a seat,

don’t expect it to be free,

trying to keep things neat,

trying never a good idea, might I repeat.

So today I can proclaim,

that some things are not done in vain.

From a space,

so pure, untouched and kept in place,

hurtling ever faster to a very, very similar fate.





I’m on my way…


In between two places…

…caught in a stasis…

…I’m on my way there…

…but question is where?

…In this very instance, I found the most resonance…

…followed with caution, a path not understood by everyone…

I told you before, that this isn’t a flaw…

Just being raw.

Don’t always know what for.

Then I realise…

…good thing I didn’t compromise..

A spontaneous decision…


Done with precision…

On a mission…

So do what needs to be done and you’ll find what you truly want, of this I am more than certain.

Some people say look you’re not making sense..

…to that I respond, trust me I’ve got this…no need to feel suspense.

They retreat and watch with a mentality of blatant uncertainty…

..oh so meek…bleak, painfully ignoring the call of curiosity…


…world outside…the other side, they lied, I don’t want to hide…

not perceptive…became deceptive, unreceptive, blocking out new perspectives….utterly destructive.

I choose to live.