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The heart centre

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Memories swiped,

An amnesia that hides,

buried in the worlds within worlds,

but as the veils grew thin these realms unfurled,

fragments and shards spinning vortexes whirl,

as forgetfulness and slumber became impossible to maintain,

reality looks at us right in the face,

there was no place to run and no place to escape,

back to centre stage,

medium, a calm place,

knowing beyond knowing these verses became congruent,

lines in my mind’s eye which is observant and fluent,

well read in these arts,

but now integrate and start,

to do the real work all we ask is if you do dare to stare

into the abyss beneath these muddied layers,

handle with compassion and a slow and steady care,

tricky at first,

as illusions tumble and bubbles burst,

you’ll master it once you come out the hurt,

practice and patience,

surrendered without waiting,

aeons of tales weaved in the webs of times past,

blunders direct us to blind spots if we last,

and bloom from seedlings to flowers,

for they left us wide open in a place where souls get devoured,

projections and stories unseen and unheard,

yet felt all the same through the onslaught of words,

to those few that know,

empathic warrior souls,

we either take it on and dwindle to their whims

or the other choice is to light up and be still

returning us back, back to what is within.







Some place

A million miles an hour,

the problem and solution now devoured,

dissolution in the time between memories,

amnesia reigns and instead something else is released,

out of the sea-reeds,

the thought has now ceased,

burned through it’s course,

right through to it’s source,

pulling forth the chaotic creatures that consume,

now overcome, brought to the surface, the fruits of the life that we have abused,

rushed, aimlessly take a seat behind the wheels of this ride, these rules we do not abide,

when we realised they lied, we died to the weak and ill-defined

and so we find our place some place where the sun does not blind.





My perfect handwriting,

No more fighting…

flames are igniting,

Present moment insight…

I don’t bite.

Thats a promise…

…when on the hunt for eventual bliss,

So stay still

…and go for the kill.

Breathe in,

You’ll always win,

It’s a truth,

that you can’t possibly lose,

Bulls, taurus has been let loose

…off the noose

Another chance to show,

tell them where to go,

Ignore the no.

…and exude the brightest glow.




I don’t think you understand…


I don’t think you understand..

…life was never meant to be this bland..

Safe and secure there is not much to learn…

If you step out feel the joy and even dare to let yourself burn…

Stories to tell…reaching a new dimension..

Far, far away in another constellation…

Far beyond comprehension…

A heightened awareness…mental elevation…

There will never be a final destination…

All of these new sensations..

…so much beyond these fingertips..

….words not even spoken by these lips…

Power in breaking daily habits…



Not the end yet


When everything seems out of control

…and you are free falling into a dark hole.

It is not the end…not just yet

Hold on..just a moment, no time for regret.

When you are taking huge chances and walking a fine line

…with so many quiet voices in the back of your mind..

Not all of them are yours

…of this I am sure.

Take a moment and accept,

…the fleeting, the receding, unwavered…unbent.

Sitting still, staying present.

Amost there

On the right track, self aware…

As the images disippate and it starts to get late

…the sun finally sets and the day is put to rest…

…only one thing on my mind, I wonder what is next?