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All the way into the dark night

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Do not turn back at half past midnight,

do not succumb to the horror and fright,

go all the way, follow this field of sight,

I can only describe,

it with these few adjectives but you’ll find,

justice is not served to something this divine,

what is realised is a shattering of these crimes,

the blind-side of getting by just fine,

the burn of getting to the earth’s core,

is melted away fast when we do reach the source,

there is no chance for you to sit on the floor,

wallowing in the fires that were brought forth,

nor is there time to climb the high horse,

to escape from the shores of a mind war-torn,

which stays firmly once it’s been born,

in the mythical pages of folklore,

till it is washed away in the pages of time,

scratching at the surface will not erase these fine-lines,

they draw patterns to ignite a beam of light,

a trail through the mist and murkiness of the dark night..

it will end soon,

but the only way out is through,

the dark night of the soul devoured us whole,

it was a brave step to follow,

at dawn we arose, with nothing but this poetry, this prose.

the world of a writer,

intuitively inspired,

by the ethers and something untapped,

creativity inspired by all the mishaps..

and that is why we must embrace the shadow,

so that growth is finally allowed,

in uninhabited places, once undiscovered now found.





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Sleep is stolen from these eyes,

a resolution is not in sight,

logic cannot defy reason this time,

I cannot dim down the fire that I did ignite,

on that fateful moment of ignorance and fright,

I did however get a frost bite,

from the cold and chilly, icy touch of the night,

in sharp contrast to the promise that I made and could not last,

holding out for long did not match the rhythm of the song,

the beat I chose to dance to, committing to doom, ensuring that this ends soon, pact with the devil, to paint all these cities blue,

and with that I let go and let the waves of sorrow consume me whole.



Running from shadows

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This time I had practised,

was well prepared for the half marathon we rise to take on this challenge, crowd glares on observant eyes,

a sprint to hide the undisclosed stories of times past tainting these minds, that entangle and bind,

a perfect mirror to prevent their demise, not yet I surely need some time to find space so that we can drown in our cloaks and disguise the bitter reality which we eventually come to prize,

As we glance up at the sky, clouds have parted, the stretch that lies ahead of our thighs, the ground beneath is rocky, still, unshaken, we focus our breath and get ready to bolt, fly, unleash the ties and drown out their carefully orchestrated cheers and cries.

It was not a goodbye, you are on the ground, to my side, both left and right, creating shapes in the light, a reflection of mine, a reflection of some kind,

…three small paces behind at all times ready to catch up, and sure enough you find me off guard at this given moment in time, propelling me to write this little rhyme,

because I am not going to be the type to say alright it’s fine when I can see all the signs warning me to cross this line with eyes that can connect the day and night,

a vision that decides which vice to pick the one worth these lines, and then the clock chimes, strikes ten past the hour, triggers that belonged to the night now arrive whilst the sun still shines, the race was won, the race was mine.







Before I knew

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A time before I knew,

a damn thing or two,

Musically seduced,

art forms they bloom,

the things that catch our eye,

some walk by,

ignoring, wilfully ignorant, wrapped up and blind,

the daily grind,

busy mind,

caught up in a static, frenzy,

just trying to find a way to live right,

whatever that means,

dreamed up and difficult to find,

in the real life,

that we pour energy into through struggle and strife,

it need not be this way,

is all I have to say.

We have made it so,

years work to undo for some but oh,

the reactions you feel are the gold,

that is what it means to learn and to grow,

the darkness and shadow is where it glows,

integration is key in order to go,

away from the blizzard and towards the snow,

a more peaceful setting than you could ever know.

Faatima ❤


In the way

A plague sweeps sweetly over the canvas that is our minds,

it’s wings have stretched far and wide,

we find ourselves troubled and blind,

believing everything we find,

from the round and round patterning deep inside,

no table-turning and embracing this demise,

with absolutely no place to hide,

no one to guide,

the priests well they lied,

shadows obscure the truth,

from plain view,

but we must give up to get out,

do not resist, do not doubt,

I turn on my head,

walk over from this bed, they said I had to lie in,

the other option they said was a sin.

…in the eyes of a few,

but these shadows they obscure,

the truth from plain from view

and the one to uncover this is you and only you.


x x

The other side of midnight


Found a happy place, space.

No more developments, halted full. stop.

Progress ceases to exist,

amnesia creeps in bit by bit,

that is what happens when you resist, the struggle in favour of what if’s.

never going to change,

because well, change is for the insane

my excuses are vicious, limitless

…limited stories set like stone, in the mind over time have now rendered me so very blind.

but that, I can never admit, let the ego die, take a risk, hit and miss.

why you got to be so drastic? fantastic?

It doesn’t really exist.

there is no time left between days, no time left to waste,

I’m not saying be in a haste, but never be afraid,

to bend,

to wade in the deep end,

face the moon, she’ll be here soon,

flip of a coin, day turns to night,

and we let ourselves forget,

that there is always daylight on the other side, of midnight.


My shadows come out


My shadows come out

They are something I could do without

Fragments of my soul released in to the ether

My voice shakes but I speak my truth, it’s now or never

Who are you? They ask

THIS is who I am I reply

Why would should I be afraid when I tell my life story?

No matter how sweet or no matter how gory

You only fear if you mix who you really are with an event

No matter how obscure within each encounter a hidden message is being sent

So I rip off all these layers and bare all these wounds

because really now what is there to lose?

I know for certain that I am already whole

So go ahead and bear your soul…

(Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real after all)