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Wake up

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I am past the days of delusions,

excuses, backed up with fairly good reasons,

throwing force-fields at enemies,

doubts fail to cloud my mind this time around.

No more settling for less,

no more lack of self respect,

like Neptune weaves a fate,

shaped by tendencies to escape

from which one day we’ll be forced to awake.

The realm of fantasy,

an alternate reality,

holds us back,

when real life seems to lack,

but clear space inside your brain,

and let go of the chain,

of conditioned thoughts,

lies you may have bought,

Awakening to who you really are,

and following your heart

slaying the dragon,

and steering clear of the bandwagon,

breeding sheep,

who were once in deep,

a planet of amnesia, still asleep,

eyes opening from slumber as we keep,

persistently planting seeds

intuition is the key out,

and this time there is no turning around.






Selling is a necessity in this interdependent universe.

No matter how much we kid ourselves that we are independent the truth is we all live off each other, every one in existence contributed to the making of this world as it stands now.

We must exchange one for the other in order to thrive and make things work however it is when money is used as a weapon of control and manipulation that it becomes evil.

I truly believe that in and of itself money is a tool, an energy exchange…like anything else.

Everything and everyone has the potential for good and bad.

A tool such as money can be used to promote expansion of our consciousness by taking the burden of constant fear for survival out of people’s lives,

….if it was a fair system of exchange.

The truth of the situation on our planet currently is that money is being used as a weapon to keep everyone in fear and therefore in servitude to the rule-makers….the elite in society.

It all comes down to a basic, primal fear for survival…equated to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…

Some fear loss of reputation therefore love which is an important factor for us to thrive whilst for others it’s protection against the elements, shelter and down to the basics of food, water and health care.

Everyone is in a constant state of panic and stress because we have been born into a spider’s web of a world…trapped and paying to live..paying to merely breathe.

How can we become our greatest versions and live a life following joy when we are being imprisoned in a lower vibrational state?

Awareness is the first step, it takes some of their power away because when you realise how their tactics are playing out you can freely move towards an alternative lifestyle that feels better.

…and ultimately that is what matters, we are all chasing happiness on a path down to hell.

Blindspots everywhere in this video-game like life.

It’s like one big jigsaw puzzle.

Those aha! moments make life worth it.

That is where real expansion lies.

The banking system as it stands is ultimately self destructive and biased, unfortunately resulting in a hugely unjust distribution of wealth…that is an example of the misuse of money.

Food for thought…