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Forest through the trees

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Schism, the devourment,

Clarity of mind beyond the firmament,

the edge of existing,

beyond resisting

struck between two places,

a world found between spaces,

another plane of being,

way of seeing,

somehow freeing,

confines release,

as we retrieve,

fact from fiction,

storybook tales allegorical, in relation,

to these codes unlocked,

practiced daily as sure as the clock,

ticks so we can perceive,

the forest through the trees.







She was hurt for a long time


She was hurt for a long time

So she decided to write a rhyme

Everyday she felt sick

..but this time was different she chose not to resist but instead to sit

…along with the sensation, she was practically daring it

Not knowing if there was an end in sight

Still she new knew it was going to be alright

This pain has a purpose

It’s not something I will rush

Still this feeling I will not miss

When I eventually feel bliss