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Forest through the trees

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Schism, the devourment,

Clarity of mind beyond the firmament,

the edge of existing,

beyond resisting

struck between two places,

a world found between spaces,

another plane of being,

way of seeing,

somehow freeing,

confines release,

as we retrieve,

fact from fiction,

storybook tales allegorical, in relation,

to these codes unlocked,

practiced daily as sure as the clock,

ticks so we can perceive,

the forest through the trees.







Chaos theory

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Endless, the loam and the abode,

In the realm where things erode,

Fall away, sometimes explode.

I am what I am,

So let bones be bones,

and ghosts, just that,

absurd to most,

feeding off a host,

oblivious, let’s make a toast,


yet something still looms,

unplanned, no time to make room?

Growth, a thing imminent,

Either getting better or worse,

but don’t you forget the chaos that comes first,




A world in crisis

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These smoky grey skies ridden with dust and disease,

overshadow a land where people cry and their pleas,

go unheard by the selfish, self-serving societies,

it seems they have created a crisis,

plotting and deceiving, twisting and turning, a kind of mockery,

served up like sweet pie, from those that make a joke out of lives,

amidst the uncertainty, upheaval, up in the air, we silently grieve,

the loss of sanity, the safe bubble, brewing storms ignored,

shattered illusions, the reality comes forth.

their intentions are a haze, our hearts and minds race, on fire, in a blaze.

Through the image of separation, division, instilled to create a mind game,

manipulation of our emotional state,

in order to dissipate,

our innate strength, breed fear, build strong convictions are you left or right? black or white?…

wrong or right?

unshakable so that we are guarded on defence, letting no one near,

refusing to hear,

anything other,

than what we led to believe,

the lies that they feed,

The new earth is being born,

whether we are aware of it or not, these leaves have turned,

nothing will be the same,

and I cannot promise that we will be safe,

in the moments to come,

just hold on,

we cannot lose,

if we choose to remember the truth,

over what they portray on the news,

refuse, to settle and accept this excuse,

of a world view,




She was hurt for a long time


She was hurt for a long time

So she decided to write a rhyme

Everyday she felt sick

..but this time was different she chose not to resist but instead to sit

…along with the sensation, she was practically daring it

Not knowing if there was an end in sight

Still she new knew it was going to be alright

This pain has a purpose

It’s not something I will rush

Still this feeling I will not miss

When I eventually feel bliss