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Drew my circle above and around me,

Testing all that tries to plant a seed,

maybe of doubt,

to just let go and allow,

In all truth I dont want any more,

everything that once was has dissolved on the shores,

melted into the sand, the waters have washed away and worn

I can now see the cycles of time and folklore,

We have waded through the nettles,

the process begins with the base metal

once the dust has finally settled,

out of time and out of place,

clocks ticking, no more attempts at trying to save face.

Going at pace,

exiting out of their rat race,

In this shadow world,

We observe,

Go back within to retrieve all that was lost,

reclaimed what is ours and pay the cost,

for apathy and denial, beyond each and every trial,

sugar coated and adorned,

still a new moment is born,

from ashes we rise forth,

we are the roses that bloomed yet are protected by thorns,










The real world,

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In the quote ‘real world,’

in order to make things work,

these words have me bored,


rest assured,

they will be ignored.

they preach how things never really work out quite like that,

there are things to take into account, concepts to grasp,

The fork in the road, a reminder to drop the unnecessary load,

all these ideas

these sub-conscious fears,

they marry well together in stifling you from this end goal,

the reason that you struggle so much in the pursuit of becoming whole.

Embodying a vision,

no matter how small the mission,

it takes a dropping of old beliefs,

to have a sense of direction will be a relief,

but not too rigid, remember to float till you eventually reach,

that place where time no longer sleeps,

the wheel turns, it does not make a sound

it has come full circle, now,


Inspiration offered up everywhere,

not so much an original idea but the fires we all share,

of momentum and enthusiasm,

is in the end the root of our unique expression,

a tool

or merely just a lesson,

a step in the dance of progression,

to apply on to our particular course,

without pause

nor a gap between thoughts

doubts to be released

and so we are free’d,

it seems through the battles fought,

we eventually saw,

how its now time to give back

as the ripple effect is a direct result of just that.



Pick up the pen and re-write

Something I realise, as someone who likes to write,

about life and it’s strife,

is that try as we might, to disprove and ignite, the flames of worry in our mind,

we end up perpetuating further undesirable cycles without respite,

So take time to re-write the story of your life,

Deconstructing and rewinding,

stepping back and finding,

that even though not everyone is on board,

and tempting as it may be to lose sight of this cause,

once this far gone we simply cannot pause,

its worth the small strugges,

little troubles,

they say love not fear,

but you cant quite understand so you don’t even hear

in the grand scheme of things,

what I mean is,

in the face of our bliss,

the fear comes in the form of excuses and doubt.

sometimes slow down,

we must go in to get out,

to reach new grounds,

let them not silence the sounds,

of discernment and awareness,

in the sea of stillness, heard ripples of new shores,

and so the small trip ups and flaws,

now make so much sense and therefore,

they matter no more…



Words Change The World: Three little diaries


So recently I found myself buying this set of three little diaries. One of them is dotted and intended for math I’m assuming, but I don’t care for breaking rules…i’ll use it how I like thank you. In one I literally vent and write out anything that’s on my mind, like an outlet to put things to rest, the other is meant for any creative writing shorts or quotes or anything artsy and the final one is a bit more practical and definitely something to carry for life as a reminder.

All too often we fumble through life busying ourselves with this and that…it’s all fine and lovely but soon at some point shit hits the fan right? Most of us react angrily and really cannot handle the inevitabilities of life as our lack of self awareness has us chasing the illusion of constant happiness.

Whilst it is okay to feel upset or angry at times when we are royally screwed over…infact it is not only okay it’s understandable and our right, but when we react it never ends well because it’s from a place of fear and defensiveness. To be in that state requires a victim mentality. That is why I have purposefully wrote down techniques to help me centre and ground myself. This way I won’t react and make bad decisions. When you change your perception and become self aware you change the world because YOU make up the collective. Remember that.

The content of this diary gives me my power back when blinded by the irrationality and illusions that come along with fearfulness.

Word really are powerful, words are a catalyst, they can be shaped and used by us to convey any message and evoke any emotion which is the very element needed to make change in the world.

Remember who you are.

Words change the world.

Love, Faatima