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A better future

Leaving trails,

little pearls of love to unveil,

droplets as we exhale,

with the in breath and out,

as within as without

any time thought patterns intrude,

recognise the feedback loop,

lies we’ve been fed,

waking lives, just like the undead,

do not try to numb,

but still do not succumb,

bear witness, let go,

by watching the ebb and the flow,

all along just know,

that it is only a tool to show,

how little time is left,

so we can become adept,

consciously manifest,

something better,

my kind of trend-setter.





Wait for it

Image result for Spiritual Path

In a small a matter of time,

this clock will chime,

the hour that spun it’s web has now woven into a tale of days

taken and stolen,

the sun is now setting golden,

a moon takes over the horizon,

don’t act surprised,

that she no longer wants to hide,

because when push comes to shove,

this inevitability is a must,

the iron has begun to rust,

tick-tock on the clock,

didn’t want to rock the boat but the doors are locked,

living like livestock

an age has taken it’s place, and we slowly conceptualise of this maze,

till we eventually erase, what does not need to stay and the simple black and white blindness now softens into varying shades of dark blue and grey.

To make a little bit of sense

of the images untainted by this lense,

a perceptive trend,

…keeping us in this loop that just wont end.



Before I knew

Image result for snowy spiritual setting

A time before I knew,

a damn thing or two,

Musically seduced,

art forms they bloom,

the things that catch our eye,

some walk by,

ignoring, wilfully ignorant, wrapped up and blind,

the daily grind,

busy mind,

caught up in a static, frenzy,

just trying to find a way to live right,

whatever that means,

dreamed up and difficult to find,

in the real life,

that we pour energy into through struggle and strife,

it need not be this way,

is all I have to say.

We have made it so,

years work to undo for some but oh,

the reactions you feel are the gold,

that is what it means to learn and to grow,

the darkness and shadow is where it glows,

integration is key in order to go,

away from the blizzard and towards the snow,

a more peaceful setting than you could ever know.

Faatima ❤