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Drew my circle above and around me,

Testing all that tries to plant a seed,

maybe of doubt,

to just let go and allow,

In all truth I dont want any more,

everything that once was has dissolved on the shores,

melted into the sand, the waters have washed away and worn

I can now see the cycles of time and folklore,

We have waded through the nettles,

the process begins with the base metal

once the dust has finally settled,

out of time and out of place,

clocks ticking, no more attempts at trying to save face.

Going at pace,

exiting out of their rat race,

In this shadow world,

We observe,

Go back within to retrieve all that was lost,

reclaimed what is ours and pay the cost,

for apathy and denial, beyond each and every trial,

sugar coated and adorned,

still a new moment is born,

from ashes we rise forth,

we are the roses that bloomed yet are protected by thorns,










Forest through the trees

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Schism, the devourment,

Clarity of mind beyond the firmament,

the edge of existing,

beyond resisting

struck between two places,

a world found between spaces,

another plane of being,

way of seeing,

somehow freeing,

confines release,

as we retrieve,

fact from fiction,

storybook tales allegorical, in relation,

to these codes unlocked,

practiced daily as sure as the clock,

ticks so we can perceive,

the forest through the trees.






Inner child

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Hey little child,

Everything your little heart desired,

was meant to be yours,

tapping into subtle details and walking through doors,

the cold breeze we ignored,

trying to keep warm,

when the sky hit the floor,

and when they fled from their stores,

simply selling objects became a bore,

what for?

chaos made us crave more,

engaging without remorse,

as we board upon our horse,

heading north,

and without much force,

left it all behind,

but as the clock chimes,

it catches up the tide of time,

sure as light blends into the dark night,

eyes drag south, shutting, we are blind,

sleeping you’ll find,


I guess tomorrow the sun will shine,


Without limitation


Without limitation…

…and not just another imitation.

So many possibilities,

Yet simplicity is key.

Now I can see…

…that multi-tasking was never for me

It’s funny that we need,

In order to succeed,

to at first bleed.

So plant that first seed,

Water and the daily feed.


Not succumbing to greed,

Pulling out all the weeds,

Taking the lead,

In order to be freed

From constraints,

Self restrained

Clarity to gain.

Permission need not be attained.

…and nothing in particular to be blamed.



Feel better,


See I could pretend…

..let myself bend.

Do it for a friend?

Staring me in the face.

Like a disgrace?

It’s just lately I am bored…

Wrong word.

This won’t cut it no more…

I just want the truth…

Painful as it may be denial is like a noose..

Wanted to be free, cut loose.

A new paradigm..

Reached in the cold, picking apart minds…

Reached in the dead of night.

Not when I was all made up.


Oh on this journey…

I wish you the very best of luck.

Sometimes it’ll suck.

Rose wine, tequila,’s over.

Four leaf clover.

A little pretty pink sign.

…from father time.

A full-circle, action, reaction based universe…


Technical terms.

Governed by the internal condition.

Must go beyond thought form.

…can never be described…

…only understood by like minds…


Spirits…same soul.


Summer’s imprint…reminder of your power.

Winter is calling…

Soon snow will be falling.

The long lost…

Ice old frost…

Invites me into another realisation…

Not through dialogue or conversation.

I’d much rather embrace the ache.

Be present, in this whole state.

See like a guiding force

These feelings led me straight to the cause.

Once I saw…

…a hold it had over me, no more.

I took it quite literally…

When they put feel better…

…at the end of the letter.

Love and light,