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A better future

Leaving trails,

little pearls of love to unveil,

droplets as we exhale,

with the in breath and out,

as within as without

any time thought patterns intrude,

recognise the feedback loop,

lies we’ve been fed,

waking lives, just like the undead,

do not try to numb,

but still do not succumb,

bear witness, let go,

by watching the ebb and the flow,

all along just know,

that it is only a tool to show,

how little time is left,

so we can become adept,

consciously manifest,

something better,

my kind of trend-setter.







Uncertainty. Something I have been experiencing lately…actually that’s a lie it’s something I’ve been experiencing all my life. I have recently come to the realisation that uncertainty is the nature of life and the only real certainty there is. I understand that being in the dark is a potentially anxiety inducing experience but once you decide to accept it and flow with the current nothing is as scary.

How does this apply to my life? Well not too long ago I left a commission based job which in and of itself is a position of uncertainty as you never know how much you’ll earn..some weeks are amazing and others appalling which makes it difficult to make plans or save up. Now I’m awaiting my A-level results which will determine my future life path…tomorrow is my final day being in this state of uncertainty. Anxiety levels are high and I have to keep reminding myself that the fears I have are valid and understandable but all the same unnecessary as things will somehow work out if I follow what feels right.

They say it’s not really the unknown we fear but the meaning we assign to it. So today I Ieave you to ponder on that thought and wish you nothing but peace.

Love, Faatima

x x x