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Lost somewhere in translation,

crowds absorb any meaning and kill patience,

worse than most,

a subjective stance brought on by the host,

a predatory conscience,

talking nothing but nonsense,

till lines are drawn,

between each and every source,

till it no longer matters,

the mind’s chit-chatter,

observed through a lense unaffected by shame,

although in this game they have infiltrated our mind-frame,

the key will open this door,

and the snake eats its tail no more,




The hall of mirrors

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In the hall of mirrors,

you’ll find them playing rock, paper, scissors..

till each reflection is revealed,

true colours that were concealed,

splashed against glass by the sunshine

a trick of the light

they came tumbling down,

when the image had been found,

to be like nothing more than the sound,

of an instrument in a band,

playing a melody to direct the stories painted by words written by hand,

not the story in and of itself,

which bridged the gap between heaven and hell.

an artist’s way to ring a bell,

alerting the populous without the desire to sell,

Like metaphors they tell it well,




Instinct reigns in,

as moments keep passing,

the ships fly mile-high,

up in the sky,

reaching places,

these races,

a mass of faces,

there is no stasis,

in the zone,

with something to resist and something to condone,

as we roam,

objectives rendering us alone,

in the circus show

to and fro,

empty spaces between us hollow.

Swayed by the winds of change that blow,

so that preservation is futile, the seeds have already been sown,

and grown,

the first one to cast the stone,

will reap the fruits of the harvest that is to come,

the  orange and red season

we have all but anticipated,

with bated breath,

when wheat becomes bread,

we have already made our beds,

to lie in,

as the veils are thinning,

and the glasses are over brimming,

no turning back these miles,

have been walked and all the while,

the truth remains that preservation is futile,




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Some things are fated,


the trick is,

not to think,

and before you have the chance to blink,

red softens into pink,

we make a link,

and take a drink,

from the fountain of what it means to exist,

what it means to not sink,

under the pressure,

of the waves that cover,

each and every endeavour,

because reason is stronger..

and there is still more to discover.


Anything goes

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Anything goes does not cut it any more,

now I look back and think of it as a bore,

a waste of time, what’s more?

Still trying to score,

Open up closed doors,

and reveal what is hidden in plain view,

the excuse,

not right nor true,

Casually smoking cigarettes,

Slipping away like a silhouette,

Clinging to a hopeful ideal,

knowing deep down it just aint real,

till you’ve allowed yourself to feel,

the weight of your fear,

so that you can start again and it disappears,

no more denial,

accept the trial,

uncover a unique expression,

shared as a present,

no more anything goes,

time to take the blows,

offered in the way of this prize

the price is too high,

means too much to me I cannot lie,

to live this out, ask yourself why?

in this place we don’t just simply get by,

we reach high,

so say your final goodbyes,

to anything and anyone who isn’t by your side,

when you confide,

your plans to take this stride,

and refuse to slip down that slippery slide,

I think it’s about time

to not oblige,

I think it’s about time

to do what is right.

Faatima ❤



Some things…

not right, nor real,

not enough to provide a meal,

secure something precious,

they let us,

run wild,

but we need to release this inner child,

so that the picture flows,

the art work grows,

changing with the winds,

facilitating this up-hill,


through minute lessons,

grand in the scheme of things,

so the phone rings,

and we pick it up,

listen to the voice that tells us exactly what’s up,

subtle from the melt,

it’s just something that we felt.


Feel better,


See I could pretend…

..let myself bend.

Do it for a friend?

Staring me in the face.

Like a disgrace?

It’s just lately I am bored…

Wrong word.

This won’t cut it no more…

I just want the truth…

Painful as it may be denial is like a noose..

Wanted to be free, cut loose.

A new paradigm..

Reached in the cold, picking apart minds…

Reached in the dead of night.

Not when I was all made up.


Oh on this journey…

I wish you the very best of luck.

Sometimes it’ll suck.

Rose wine, tequila, vodka..day’s over.

Four leaf clover.

A little pretty pink sign.

…from father time.

A full-circle, action, reaction based universe…


Technical terms.

Governed by the internal condition.

Must go beyond thought form.

…can never be described…

…only understood by like minds…


Spirits…same soul.


Summer’s imprint…reminder of your power.

Winter is calling…

Soon snow will be falling.

The long lost…

Ice old frost…

Invites me into another realisation…

Not through dialogue or conversation.

I’d much rather embrace the ache.

Be present, in this whole state.

See like a guiding force

These feelings led me straight to the cause.

Once I saw…

…a hold it had over me, no more.

I took it quite literally…

When they put feel better…

…at the end of the letter.

Love and light,