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Let them run

All that has been ignored, forgotten, under-prioritised.

Serves to arise.

Regardless where you think you’ve gotten to in life.

Husband and wife.

Built up a type life.

Feeling good, kind.

Safe corner of the universe,

the awareness came first.

Before the story,

Oblivious of the misery,

made specially and not to be a left mystery.

As we drive further and further away from history.

Solidly apparent still,

denying what is.

The unforseen…

Has been.





Time spent


Every little experience sets off a new train of thought

Preoccupied by this trail…I snap back, this time I won’t get caught…

Time spent in hesitation…

…internal pressures to succeed turns to frustration..

Succeed at what?

..temporal states of being that will soon be forgot..

In this game we call life, do I just pick up the dice and place a part?

..in the end we all retreat back into our heart..

…for it is fueled in the fires of a world in denial…

External, apart from and ultimately inconsequential…

So hello once again to all the creative, sensitive souls..

…be gentle with your self, be soft…stay whole…