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Do as you please,

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It is burning me,

how these days I just cannot seem pen down and weave,

fairy-tales and stories,

from a web so tangled and paper creased,

call it brain freeze,

temporarily blocked I cannot receive,

inspired reason to vent and release,

energy in motion flowing like rivers run deep,

under skin, we grieve,

I watch on as lost bodies retreat,

back in to their seats,

unable to believe,

that we can always choose to break free and just do as we fucking please.






Always being pulled into the state that you desperately want to leave

…but it never really changes till you learn to fully receive…

Tugging at your consciousness is not the way to go

I’m here to tell you that it goes against the flow.

Today is a day for silence

Realisation and making sense

Suspense, mystery…and some how experiencing life’s true essence.

I am intrigued by the lack of grief

…how simple it is to conceive of how to truly achieve

…all that I ever desired with absolute grace, simplicity and more than that…  ease,




Burn it to the ground


Let it burn right through you

Burn to your core

Don’t go for a walk

Don’t read a book

Don’t turn on the television

Let it burn and do its thing

…because trust me there is a message in all of this

That burning energy will one day be the very fire you ignite to manifest into nothing short of greatness.

You are fabulous.

Nothing less.