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Thrown away the key

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On the edge of atrophy,

rampant revolution with the sea breeze,

brewing in the air,

the mist, beware.

We no longer have a care,

for the now frozen lakes far off in another galaxy,

the little people are free

weeds surround the beautiful sweet flowers that breathe,

life into the ether as between the lines we read,

grow, uproot, resist, feed,

through perpetual death and rebirth on the shores of grand rising we bleed,

transformative, awakening from the haze,

fires blaze,

as seasons change

earthy, watery an elemental stage,

passage through the malaise,

wounds cut open and the memories fade,


it’s too late and we can no longer wait,

sitting ducks and enslaved,

You may have thrown away the key,

but this you did not foresee.





Why would I choose this?


Why would I choose this?


Why on earth?

Ultimately living someone else’s plan for me is pointless.

Once I started to see all the discrepancies in their ideas I knew there was no going back. In my state of disarray and frenzy I found a sense of freedom.

Freedom from their tight grasp, the rigidity and the structure…I dabbled with madness, I became madness. It all turned out okay. Living dangerously was worth it, nothing happened. Nothing significant. No actually everything happened, I happened, I became myself again, I found direction.

Saw inspiration and slowly let go of my, supposedly only alternative to their prison.

Cognitive dissonance they say.

More inspiration flooded in. Suddenly it was all worth it. They will never see. Only I know how worth it everything is. I’m living it. The strife only exacerbated the joy.

Truly unrestrained joy. No strings. Nothing. Just bliss.

This crazy thing I shouldn’t do..they say.

I choose this.