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To not create…


To not create,

Would be such a waste.

Oh to go in the face,

Of what it is to be considered a mistake,


Who says?

Just a different taste.

I confess,

I question myself…

Am I even listening?

To the quiet whistling..

The stars are still glistening.

Even at this distance.

In this instance,


It’s alright.



Catching a night flight,

The unknown,

With just my mobile phone

On the other side of the line…

…and everything was fine.

They say transparency,

can only lead to clarity

Yet there is no guarantee

But the truth of the matter,

Is that it’s all chatter.

All these institutions

create more confusions,

deeper into the illusion,

reaching a new conclusion.

We cannot mend,

let alone comprehend,

things beyond our control,

so we console,

and just like that she let go.

Didnt put on a show…

…just went with the flow,

Limitless…with a glow

Reap what you sow…

Something we now know.

There is no real lack

Or need to go back

Once you start

To create real art

What are you trying to prove?

What’s left to lose

when you stop being mute

and express your truth.

Beyond hate,

Trying to compensate,

Because its never too late,

To ask what is really at stake?

Beyond all things fake.

So make no mistake

I am just here to make,

Faatima xx









comes from deep conversation

venting frustrations,

…and not intoxication.

A state of elation,

that requires no patience.

Mental elevation…

All in relation,

to how often you take a vacation,

from the story,

living in the heartspace free of worry,

Left the mind,

Far behind…

After daylight,

In the dead of night,

Saw that we could finally unite,

when we set the lies alight

Realised it’s alright.

Went just for a while,

…travelled many a mile.

and came back with a smile.







Let your heart burst open


Hi all,

It’s almost midnight but something is keeping me up…a very familiar sensation, one that I’ve been feeling a lot of lately…it’s that passionate, yearning sensation to go and fully live.

This to me is a very good sign, it is what gives me life-force energy.

I remember the period in time where I lost this and let me tell you now, the world became a very bleak place to me.

Now that the fire has been ignited again and is well and truly burning within me I feel so euphoric…as if I’m on clouds or something…it’s the best.

I feel like everything I want is tangible.

I feel like walls have fallen down and I will continue to break more that appear in front of me.

This forward moving energy has me living life slightly on edge.

I must keep up with myself…this is crazy.

Going with every new experience that pops up in my reality.

It’s exciting.

…and I’m creating it.

The more I move to new heights the more I crave.

It’s never-ending and I don’t even mind.

The impossible is now possible.

The past is nice but the future will far outshine it..

I can tell.

The now is precious, the now is the catalyst in this chemical reaction we call life.

So if this is how I feel…so be it.

I will let my heart burst open.

I trust my eternal guide…




Own it


We try to run away from our demons, suppress it and stuff it down. ‘No! No!’ we tell it, ‘bad’, ‘go away’…the things we did that we regret, that we judge as negative. The side of ourselves we don’t particularly like or even want but have a tendency towards anyway.

…but it never does go away because oh guess what? You can’t undo something that is done and no matter how much you try to resist it you still feel the same.

The great irony is in order to change how you feel and let go you must embrace it fully.

This may look something like, yes I did that, from my perspective at the time it was the best decision or yeah I went against my own values…and it didn’t feel good but now that I have acknowledged it and taken the light of my current consciousness, my expanded and introspective new eyes…I can trust myself never to abandon myself again…be with myself by respecting my values.

They say the best wisdom comes from experience.

Mistakes are not mistakes…they are merely experiences that didn’t feel good.

Pain is inevitable but it’s your choice to turn it into suffering or see it in it’s most exalted state and delve deeper into your psyche to discover more truths through the experience. To discover your real potential…

If you’ve felt the pain of making a bad decision and come through here to this point in your life with the conscious ability to read this blog post then you my friend have been through some of the most valuable life experiences and I can tell you now, that makes you a wise person.

Own it and embrace it.

A life without ‘errors’ is a life not lived.

You are more powerful than you could EVER imagine.

I cherish the light of your consciousness…it is SO valuable in this world.

All the love,



Go gently…go softly


Go gently, go softly the world is already too harsh of a place in this day and age of disconnection…well except for the internet we’re all connected to that hehe :p

When you are on a path of discovering your fullest potential it’s all too easy to focus on one aspect and forget it is the realisation of the whole of who you truly are and not just that one part of you.

A year ago I was self aware in terms of being soft and gentle but over time as I have gone through some transformational experiences that really shook me up and led me to where I am now, I am more self aware in terms of being a grounded and confident individual.

I feel I may have lost that old element of me.

…and it dosent feel good, that is how I know it’s a barrier in the way of recognising and embodying my authenticity to focus only on that one aspect.

Anything that feels less than good is a sign that you are not in alignment…it serves a purpose so don’t ignore it and follow the signals.

I have recently taken the time to retreat into myself and do what feels good, which is get back in touch with the side of me that has been withering away…the soft and gentle side.

I now know why I abandoned that aspect of me, a fear of being stepped on and disregarded which did happen but only because I had one without the other.

Seeing the people who were more ruthless in their tactics succeed created self-doubt but when I spoke to them there was always an emptiness, a void.

Manifesting your dream whilst abandoning your truth is never worth it.

It’s true that if you only embrace the gentle side of you then you will be in a more vulnerable position so instead it is all about finding that balance of staying grounded and confident whilst being soft and gentle enough to maintain your true, considerate and empathetic nature.

The problem for me is that I began replacing one for the other which didn’t feel good.

The first step to realisation and change-making is self awareness…being painfully self aware and in touch with your mind to the point where it is not self critical but instead acknowledgment and compassion.

That is the catalyst to great transformations.

So the question arises is authenticity and truth worth it at the expense of ruthlessly causing pain to others? The answer for me is no.

It doesn’t feel good firstly and secondly the world really needs more love and compassion it’s the least we can do to influence society…even on a small-scale in our communities, the numbers do add up.

Instead of passing a judgement that will hurt the other person and trying to justify ‘tough love’ which is not really love at all, offer out a hand in support, listen and if they ask then speak your truth with delicacy and consciously in regards to their perspective.

If nothing good comes of your interaction with a particular individual you find to be ‘too different’ to you…walk away…simple.

Follow what feels good and if being around them doesn’t feel good as it leads to conflict and a poisonous or toxic atmosphere, recognise that they are not in your calling and let all that potential hurt go by leaving.

We all have walked different paths and we all have different opinions on matters yet as humans we all understand how bad the lower vibrations and pain associated with that feels.

We should come together in that knowledge to help end suffering.

Even if you get a bad reaction at the end of the day as long as your intent was to stay soft and gentle, you know you tried your best and so you will not feel bad, I promise.