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Got to get in to the right mode.

In order to fulfill the next work-load.

Overwhelmed and about to explode.

Not sure why you are even on this particular road.


not really having a care…

running from what was always there

scoffing at the truth, suppressing because it is too much to bare.

what is the cost?

of being lost?

Abandoning health,

on every level of this hell.

knowledge of self,

is the only true wealth.

Not the daily get dressed,

refusing to for just a second disconnect..

refusing to take rest,

no longer concerned with truly being your best.

Busy days…

create a haze,

a glorified waste.

either energy spent getting further in to the maze.

oh the lies we say,

in order to keep things in place,

Stuck and mundane.

Today I fell through this state,

and discovered something innate.

drew subtle lines between these dots,

untied some of these little knots,

that were only really created to make you feel lost.













comes from deep conversation

venting frustrations,

…and not intoxication.

A state of elation,

that requires no patience.

Mental elevation…

All in relation,

to how often you take a vacation,

from the story,

living in the heartspace free of worry,

Left the mind,

Far behind…

After daylight,

In the dead of night,

Saw that we could finally unite,

when we set the lies alight

Realised it’s alright.

Went just for a while,

…travelled many a mile.

and came back with a smile.










I let out a sigh

…turn around and walk away without a single regret

..when the answer you give me is always not yet

..oh yeah do you want to bet?

The choices I make may be strange

…indifferent, bored, unchanged…

No more ruminating

Snap back, focus sharp, these thoughts are grating

I dress my best

when I put the final fragments to rest.

Giving purpose to the meaningless black, white and grey,

I did not want to waste the day

Precious time…spent this way

I’m so sorry

That I am always in a hurry.

That you always have to worry.

That my mind is foggy, unclear…blurry.

I promise there is a reason

…infact more than one…

..but this time I am not going to run.

In any way, down any path or in any direction.

In stillness I find inspiration.



I didn’t think…


I didn’t think my way there,

I felt my way there,

It was not always a smooth ride, nor was it always fair

So hold on to your seats

Or even dance along to the beat

Whether you want a thrill or a simple cruise

I have some news, you get to choose

It’s a natural skill

…and I’m going for the kill

An art form to practice

…but more than that a life-long accomplice

In my mind the scenery translates

…to slowly shifting mountains, developing upon the original state

…with the deepest of compassion and not a single ounce of hate

A time for allowing, they say resistance is futile

..the truth is it is very simple to smile

…a small shift in perception that can take you many miles…






We want to preserve that feeling of bliss.. of floating on cloud nine,

Adrenaline high

Please stay

The hollow, the scary, the lack.. all finally filled up,

a tranquil calm ensues…a certainty, the letting go of all the unwanted and solidly painful stumbles life has had in store for us and that possibly await us in the oh so distant, intangible, fractured future…

Why does it matter now?

Any of it?

Past and future collide into an inconceivable, disfigured mess…buried away in the unconscious

It all comes backs at some point.

All it takes is a trigger and we’re off…

Distraction worked last time

Disconnected, never present…untouchable…facade

but what do you do when it wears off?

You realise you can’t escape the foundations that build your life because you carry them everywhere you go, they are reflected in every person you meet, experience you have…

It’s a practice, it takes time, you grow wise…wiser still.

Suddenly the excitement is back and then the bliss and even more than that… insight.

Even better than last time

…because this time it’s not a product of distraction…

It’s not conditional.

You carry it with you through every experience and every person you meet is a reflection of that..

It’s there regardless..

Nothing is the same

Everything is constantly changing and evolving..

You are a part of everything

Beg nothing and no one to stay




The hardest thing


The hardest thing you will ever do is to let go..

Of the stories they told you, the stories you tell yourself…

The stories that you’re convinced are true

The ones that shape your decisions…even the smallest decision such as what to eat for dinner.

All the stories, the prisons we create.

If it doesn’t feel good it’s not meant to be

…but sometimes we develop a tolerance for routine disguised as comfort

We think it feels good

…the truth is it’s fear based.

Something we’re avoiding

So we live an unfulfilled life

Constantly searching for the missing pieces.

It’s a grieving process

Somewhere down the road we lost a part of ourselves

…it’s when we abandoned ourselves

Just like everyone else did.

We abandoned our own internal guidance system

Our intuition

Our feelings

The feelings behind the thoughts, the actions…the world at large…

The lack of feelings eventually led to a shallow, hollow, empty existence

So I am here to tell you, if you feel anything at all right now..

Even the lower vibrations

Go with it.

Go into it.

It’s better than nothing…

It’s the night before the day.