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All the way into the dark night

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Do not turn back at half past midnight,

do not succumb to the horror and fright,

go all the way, follow this field of sight,

I can only describe,

it with these few adjectives but you’ll find,

justice is not served to something this divine,

what is realised is a shattering of these crimes,

the blind-side of getting by just fine,

the burn of getting to the earth’s core,

is melted away fast when we do reach the source,

there is no chance for you to sit on the floor,

wallowing in the fires that were brought forth,

nor is there time to climb the high horse,

to escape from the shores of a mind war-torn,

which stays firmly once it’s been born,

in the mythical pages of folklore,

till it is washed away in the pages of time,

scratching at the surface will not erase these fine-lines,

they draw patterns to ignite a beam of light,

a trail through the mist and murkiness of the dark night..

it will end soon,

but the only way out is through,

the dark night of the soul devoured us whole,

it was a brave step to follow,

at dawn we arose, with nothing but this poetry, this prose.

the world of a writer,

intuitively inspired,

by the ethers and something untapped,

creativity inspired by all the mishaps..

and that is why we must embrace the shadow,

so that growth is finally allowed,

in uninhabited places, once undiscovered now found.




The turning of tables


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The blinds are open,

the night has been stolen,

from our temporary grip,

fell into slumber and then time disappeared like a blip,

on the radar of our productive capacities,

machinery that needs a recharge of these batteries

sunlight streams in illuminating the inside of this room.

It is too soon,

as the brightness kicks in inside, I realise

that I had better rush out before I get left behind,

running around, centre, left and right.

and then it all turned to white.

and we wonder why?

wasting away fragments,

forgotten our potential trapped in this vacuous,

limited cycle,

looped and entangled like disciples,

to an unending tornado,

forgotten faces, hidden agendas,

lies, and the eventual turning of tables




Right and wrong,

Its easy to get caught up in, believe and thus receive,

people’s ideas in order to feel as if we have achieved,

an empty state of goodness,

rightness, nothingness,

flawed from the get-go,

as told, by the bold,

our guilty demeanours, judgemental and on the look out,

waiting for attack, defensive, guarded, did you hear a sound?

locked into hypocrisies,  can only try to appease,

whatever it is that we so please.

only authentic to the extent that we see,

be willing to be wrong,

both parties are accountable to this one,

way of looking at things,

but not everyone wants this,

the truth is that survival of the selfish,

is a very real,


in this plane not fair but eventually the blurred lines form a square,

like attracts like, our virtues and vice,

complementary, uncomfortably so at times

on the other side of condemnation,

morals, self regulation,

there is a knowledge, expansion and evolution,

care-free, courageous and ultimately truthful,

only made space for when we take the plunge,

at the front,

of this warped, distortion, where rates reach extortion,

levels, to reach,

devils who leach,

the start of a new week,

looks a bit bleak,

expectations obscure the streak,

that we have been maintaining with a grip equally as weak,

not one to stumble through the bad weather, snow,

I just wanted to know,

got to be for the best

What else?

Someone to tell,

connection established, and so we excel.

what next?

cant say yet, but I can certainly sense,

the changing direction of the gale force storm,

in the opposite direction of home,

whatever that is, a universe of our own,

or merely a small aspect of our soul,

the stream of awareness guiding us through it all




It’s storming out there


On the darkest eve of mother moon,

A new cycle starts soon,




none the less,

look at the mess,

Storming seas,

born out of a little breeze

they rage out there,

rebellious, time to play fair

A temper we shall no doubt observe

if we carry on abusing mother earth.

World in chaos.


She is more than cross.

today, changes abound.

I write,

these eyes,

oblivious and blind,

from time to time.

see more than what is beyond these three dimensions,

a startling realisation,

non resistant in nature and free of condemnation,

now I know for sure,

the proof just can’t be ignored.

from what i’ve seen

where i’ve been

I cant deny

and I cannot lie.

You don’t need to understand how and why,

for me it is enough to try,

from where I am sat,

I can see the way that,

things play out,

interconnection, frustrating, imperfect, but at the end of the day all is sound.

Lets not overcomplicate this,

all I want to say is,

…even though its not always such a delight

I’m certainly not stopping this plight,




To not create…


To not create,

Would be such a waste.

Oh to go in the face,

Of what it is to be considered a mistake,


Who says?

Just a different taste.

I confess,

I question myself…

Am I even listening?

To the quiet whistling..

The stars are still glistening.

Even at this distance.

In this instance,


It’s alright.



Catching a night flight,

The unknown,

With just my mobile phone

On the other side of the line…

…and everything was fine.

They say transparency,

can only lead to clarity

Yet there is no guarantee

But the truth of the matter,

Is that it’s all chatter.

All these institutions

create more confusions,

deeper into the illusion,

reaching a new conclusion.

We cannot mend,

let alone comprehend,

things beyond our control,

so we console,

and just like that she let go.

Didnt put on a show…

…just went with the flow,

Limitless…with a glow

Reap what you sow…

Something we now know.

There is no real lack

Or need to go back

Once you start

To create real art

What are you trying to prove?

What’s left to lose

when you stop being mute

and express your truth.

Beyond hate,

Trying to compensate,

Because its never too late,

To ask what is really at stake?

Beyond all things fake.

So make no mistake

I am just here to make,

Faatima xx





F*ck the story.


It’s about time,

to unwind,

the knots and ties of the mind.

Don’t try to rewind

Just give your brain a break

and catch the next train. For your own sake.

Metaphorically speaking of course,

when you feel it can’t get much worse.

Valid but not the whole truth.

Sometimes I stay mute,

Sometimes it’s for the best…

…disregard the mess,

Bye bye stress

Couldn’t care less.

Just wanted to be aware,

and to be fair it’s not really my cross to bear.

Truth is I am in awe,

Always learning more.

So much to explore.

This place is a maze,

and frankly I’m amazed

…but not necessarily fazed.

These thoughts won’t go to waste,

Not simply a matter of copy and paste,

They say sharing is caring.

…but at the root of all this talking,

I only wanted to say one thing.

Hopefully that message is read.

Understood on some level when all is done and all is said..










comes from deep conversation

venting frustrations,

…and not intoxication.

A state of elation,

that requires no patience.

Mental elevation…

All in relation,

to how often you take a vacation,

from the story,

living in the heartspace free of worry,

Left the mind,

Far behind…

After daylight,

In the dead of night,

Saw that we could finally unite,

when we set the lies alight

Realised it’s alright.

Went just for a while,

…travelled many a mile.

and came back with a smile.